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Welcome to our new name, look, and feel!

Santa Rosa Community Health Centers and our nine service locations have now united under one name: Santa Rosa Community Health.

Here are answers to some of the FAQs about our change.

Why are you changing your name?

We’ve been around for over 21 years and we care for 50,000 patients. That’s one in four Santa Rosans! Yet many people still don’t know who we are, the breadth of services we provide, or the impact we have in our community. The confusion is partly due to the fact that we didn’t have a single unified name – until now; instead we had nine different names, an umbrella corporate name, and multiple informal nicknames. By changing our name and unifying all our locations under the name Santa Rosa Community Health, it will be easier for our patients to know they can benefit from our full range of services, all across Santa Rosa.

Why Santa Rosa Community Health?

There are two changes to our new name, Santa Rosa Community Health. Dropping the word “Centers” makes our name shorter and easier to say. Our new name emphasizes that we are an organization dedicated to the principles of health.  Plus, we love our new tagline: All of us.  For all of you.  It expresses our unity and commitment to service for our patients and our community!
Now all of our nine (soon to be ten) locations will be unified under the same name: Santa Rosa Community Health. We will distinguish each one of our sites by referring to its street name, location, or specialty. See the reverse for a full list of our campus names.

What does this change mean in our current political climate?

In the current political environment, many people feel vulnerable and worry about their health care.Fundamental questions are being asked: will I lose my access to health care, and will I be treated with respect for who I am? We welcome all cultures, languages, gender identities, immigration statuses, socio-economic levels, religions, education levels, disabilities, and differences. Empowering people is a crucial part of health and healing. We stand by these values now, more than ever. We proudly hold our place on the front lines of serving those most in need.

Here is the full list of our Santa Rosa Community Health campuses:

Is anything else changing?

Yes, for the better! We’ll be opening our 10th location in the February 2018. It will offer primary care, dental, and mental health services for the first time all under one roof.Now that we more clearly understand what’s most important to our patients and our community about our work, we have updated our mission statement to more authentically reflect who we are.  Here it is:

Santa Rosa Community Health serves our diverse community by providing excellent, culturally responsive, comprehensive primary care that is accessible to all people. We care for the whole person with compassion and respect.  We cultivate a safe, supportive learning environment where employees can do their best work in a way that embraces diversity. We advocate for health care as a human right because it is fundamental to social justice.

Does this affect our contracts or grant agreements?

No. We are doing business as (DBA) Santa Rosa Community Health and will use that in all communication, but it does not require a change to any legal agreements. Our main business offices are located at: