Motivate & Empower

I love this project! I love sharing my knowledge with patients, and HIV is interesting… so complex and has evolved… and you break it down in relatable tidbits, you break it down to basics. I love learning new things and being able to share it with the patients. I care about people so anything that will help people I care about.”

– Medical Assistant


Motivate by Focusing on the Why

One of the most valuable ways to spend initial training time is to focus on motivating and inspiring staff about the importance of opt-out HIV testing. Always seek to appeal to their hearts and minds. A few ways to accomplish this include:


Empower by Providing the What & the How

Once you have buy-in from staff of the importance of opt-out HIV testing, you can then answer the questions that would naturally follow.

Namely, what exactly does staff need to understand about HIV and HIV testing, and how exactly are they expected to

Figure 13. Sample Training Agenda

implement new workflows and processes? Leading with the “What” and “How” can cause some staff to view HIV testing as yet another additional thing they have to squeeze into their already pressured time with patients. However, once they understand the value of HIV testing, they’ll appreciate knowing the details that will empower them to contribute to the project’s success. They’ll be ready to take ownership of accomplishing the project’s objectives.