Costs & Insurance

Everyone is welcome at Santa Rosa Community Health; you will not be denied service even if you’re uninsured or can’t afford to pay. We work with patients and our partners within the community to find solutions that go beyond clinical care to make a measurable difference in our patient’s lives. Empowering people is part of health and healing.

We accept the following insurance coverage:

We can help you get health coverage.

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Covered California open enrollment ends Jan. 31. Medi-Cal enrollment is year-round. Set up a free appointment with one of our Access Navigators, who can help you apply for coverage that meets your needs. Call 707-547-3030. Access Navigators are available from 8 am–5 pm, Monday- Friday. Please leave a clear voice message; your call will be returned in 48–72 hrs. 

What if I’m uninsured or cannot afford to pay?

If you’re uninsured or cannot afford, you may qualify for a reduced price for some services and treatments at our campuses. The exact amount you pay depends on your income and family size. This is the “Sliding Scale.”

Once you qualify for the Sliding Scale, you can use it for 12 months. If your income or family size changes during those 12 months, you must let us know.

Sliding Scale Application
Solicitud para Planes de Pago de Acuerdo a sus Ingresos

Example of Sliding Scale costs:

Office visits: $25 – $55
Mental health services: $10 – $25
Dental services: $50 – 50% discount
Lab work: $0 – $10

How to qualify for the Sliding Scale

To qualify, you must bring in proof of your family’s income. You can bring any of these things to show proof:

What if I don’t know my income?

If you don’t know your family’s exact income, you can estimate. But if you don’t bring proof of income back to the health center, you will be charged full price.

Ways to pay

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. You get an additional $4-$7 off normal rates if you are on the sliding scale and pay at the time of service. We can also arrange payment plans to fit your budget.

What if I don’t qualify for the Sliding Scale?

If you don’t qualify for the Sliding Scale, you get 20% off normal rates if you pay at the time of service. We can also arrange payment plans to fit your budget.

Questions about insurance or fees?

Call any of our Santa Rosa Community Health locations if you have any questions about costs and insurance. If you need translation services, click here.

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