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At Santa Rosa Community Health, we believe health care is a fundamental human right—everyone should have the opportunity for a full and healthy life. Every day, we open our doors to care for patients in a way that honors them and meets their healthcare needs.

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You are welcome here.

For many Santa Rosans, cultural differences, language barriers, mental health issues, and vulnerability can be obstacles many must overcome to seek health care. Feeling welcomed without judgment—no matter what—can remove some of these barriers. Santa Rosa Community Health is a safe place for all people. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring everyone who walks through our doors feels heard, valued, respected, and part of our family. Building trust is at the core of our care; our patients know we are their long-term partners, committed to lifelong health.


We care for all of you.

We know that healthcare is most successful when we can look beyond an ailment or diagnosis and understand our patients and the circumstances influencing their health. Every patient is at the center of a team of caregivers, each passionate about knowing, listening to, and caring for those in our community who are often marginalized. We strive to understand and celebrate our patients’ cultures, religions, and identities and are dedicated to supporting their health. Our relationships are strong because we know our patients and their families, their context, and their circumstances.

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