Making Proud Choices (Middle School)

Making Proud Choices (Middle School)

Student Workbook: Please download this fillable workbook and save it to your desktop. You will be asked to fill out activities throughout our time with you. Make sure to save the document every time you complete an activity 🙂

Services Offered at Santa Rosa Community Health: At Santa Rosa Community Health, we believe health care is a fundamental human right. Every day, we open our doors to care for our diverse patients in a way that honors them and meets their health care needs – no matter what.

Anatomy and Physiology presentation with Abigail and Yazmin:

Session 1 -Welcome and Program Overview

Introduction and program overview

Session 2 – The Consequences of Sex: HIV 101
Session 3 – Attitudes about Sex, HIV, and Condom Use
Session 4: Strategies for Preventing HIV Infection: Stop, Think and ACT
Session 5 – The Consequences of Sex: STDS
Session 6 – The Consequences of Sex: Pregnancy: Part 1
Session 7 – The Consequences of Sex: Pregnancy: Part 2
Session 8/9 – Developing Condom Use and Negotiation Skills