Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Congratulations on making the decision to embark on your healing journey by allowing our Complementary and Alternative Medicine program into your life!  While the Complementary and Alternative Medicine world includes numerous types of medicinal traditions, Santa Rosa Community Health offers four of the most common:

Your primary care provider will work with you on which modalities may work best with your medical conditions. Appointments are available in the evening.

We look forward to working with you!


Acupuncture has been around for several thousand years and has been proven to alleviate suffering for millions. There is extensive research on the benefits of acupuncture for medical problems such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, anxiety, low back pain, insomnia, fatigue, migraines, and much more!

Acupuncture involves placing very thin needles in the surface of your skin.  People often wonder whether or not the needles hurt— they should not! Sometimes you will experience a dull, achy feeling; this is normal and, in fact, is a good sign that it is working.


Naturopathy is a form of medicine that focuses on the healing power of nature. It utilizes treatments that enhance an individual’s innate healing abilities. Treatments may include one of several modalities, such as clinical nutrition, botanical medicine (herbs and supplements), therapeutic diets, and stress management.

You will meet with your naturopath provider to discuss your health issues, and then the naturopath will offer you fantastic recommendations on holistic treatments that you can try to enrich your health!


Massage is a familiar modality that includes many different styles (deep tissue, Swedish, etc). It utilizes strokes and pressure on the body to relieve tension, increase circulation and improve muscular pain. Massage can provide comfort and increased body awareness, and can be an excellent method of releasing emotional as well as bodily tension.  Patients wear clothing during all massages.


Chiropractic services are based on a system of care that emphasizes the importance of structural alignment of the spine. Adjustments involve the manipulation of the spine and joints to re-establish and maintain normal musculoskeletal and nervous system functioning.