Opioid Addiction Treatment

Santa Rosa Community Health provides treatment services, integrated within primary health care, to people who are experiencing opiate use disorder. The purpose of medication assisted treatment (Suboxone) is to suppress the debilitating symptoms of cravings and withdrawal so you will be able to actively engage in therapy and other support services.

The SAFE team is part of your larger primary care experience at Santa Rosa Community Health (SRCH). Our treatment team is dedicated to providing excellent, patient-centered treatment to the whole person. If you’re not yet a regular SRCH patient and you want to join our SAFE team, you must first make an appointment to see a medical provider at any of our primary care locations.

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We recognize that your decision to seek medication assisted treatment is a very personal one and often the result of a long and complicated journey. We welcome you and thank you for allowing us to work with you as your journey takes a new turn toward greater health and peace of mind.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is approved to treat withdrawal from opiates and is one of two forms of the medication buprenorphine, which is an opiate agonist that was originally developed to treat pain syndromes. Suboxone binds to the opioid receptor in the brain, which is the same receptor to which morphine, heroin, and other opiates bind.

In treatment for opioid addiction it is given in low doses and acts the same as any other opiate in suppressing pain. But as the dosage is increased, it starts to block the opioid receptor, which keeps the receptors from being stimulated. The Suboxone is very carefully dosed to to stop withdrawal symptoms. In addition, Suboxone makes it impossible to get high on other opiates.

Supported with primary medical care and targeted therapy, Suboxone treatment through our SAFE team helps you feel physically stable so you can begin to make positive, long-term changes in your life, which will develop into health patterns of behaviors necessary to sustain your recovery.