FAQ’s – Epic Trail Challenge



Frequently Asked Questions


If you crave adventure, love our beautiful Sonoma County outdoors, and welcome a challenge, then this is the experience for you! Through the Epic Trail Challenge, you will push your limits, challenge yourself, and make an epic difference for the 42,000  children, adults, and elders in our community who depend on Santa Rosa Community health for life-changing medical, dental, and mental health care.

What is the Epic Trail Challenge? 

Designed as both an endurance hike and a fundraising event, the Trailblaze Challenge gives Challengers the opportunity to hike a 20+ mile journey along our Sonoma County trails, while raising much-needed funds to make health care possible in our community! This is a hike, not a race, and caters to all levels — from novices to advanced outdoor enthusiasts.

What is the route for the Epic Trail Challenge? 

We are still in the process of developing our epic route and will provide this information as soon as it’s finalized!

What’s included in my Challenge experience? 

Is there a fee to participate? 

Each Challenger will be asked to raise a minimum amount of funds to help Santa Rosa Community Health continue its mission to provide excellent, culturally responsive primary care that is accessible to all people. A non-refundable $100 donation is required at the time of registration and will be credited toward your fundraising goal.

How will I reach my goals? 

Santa Rosa Community Health will support Challengers each step of the way by providing each

participant with a personalized fundraising webpage, templated donation emails, sponsorship and fundraising materials, tips and advice. Each Challenger will have access to our Challenger training program, including weekly training hikes and a Facebook group to help Challengers get connected and learn together.

What if I’m worried about the fundraising part?

There are many ways to grow your epicness! Sharing your journey and asking people for their support is one way to build your strength. We will support our Challengers every step of the way and there is no judgment if you don’t quite make it. Don’t let this part of the Challenge stop you before you get started. We’re 100% confident you will be surprised by what you can achieve!


Who is Santa Rosa Community Health?

Santa Rosa Community Health serves our diverse community by providing primary medical, dental, and mental health care that’s not just good, but excellent. We strive every day to care for patients in a way that honors them and meets their health care needs. We welcome everyone with compassion and respect for their culture, language, identity, and values. We believe health care is a fundamental human right; none of us should receive anything less than the best care possible.

How will the Epic Trail Challenge Help?

This year, Santa Rosa Community Health will provide culturally responsive medical, dental, and mental health care for over 42,000 kids, adults, and elders – that’s 1 in 4 people in Santa Rosa who can’t afford or don’t have access to private health insurance! Many of our patients have private insurance or qualify for public health insurance, but a whopping 25% of our patients are now completely uninsured.

At SRCH, we believe that everyone deserves a full and healthy life, so ensuring the basic human right of health care for the valued members of our community who are uninsured is why we’re raising funds.

What is the impact of community health?

Push your limits.
Challenge yourself.
Make a difference.